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About D2 Cycling


Who we are...

Everybody at D2 Cycling is passionate about fitness and CycleSport activities... from the bikes and accessories to teaching a new rider road safety classes, from the fitness gains and feelings of accomplishment finishing a race with a PR to heading out on a long slow ride on a warm summer morning... we're bike geeks and proud of it.


We're Certified...

We are committed to helping our athletes succeed and support all of their needs in one location so that they can get the most out of their sport. We accomplish this by continually educating ourselves training techniques, bicycle maintenance, the products we offer.

D2 Cycling Center is constantly gaining in popularity due to our friendly service, professional quality training programs, high level of personal interaction and speedy turn around of repair work.

United Bicycle Institute

Bicycle Mechanic Certification

Certified Bicycle Technician

Level 2 Coaching Certification

Certified Youth Fitness Trainer

League Cycling Instructor


Count on D2 Cycling for...

quick, friendly and expert assistance for your cycling needs

quality selection of bicycles, accessories and parts at competitive prices

expert service, meticulous maintenance and repairs to keep you safe and riding strong

coaching and training that will help get you to your next level

professional bike fitting for comfort and for speed

rider education and safe riding clinics


D2 Cycling Core Values...

treating our clients with respect and truly valuing their patronage

providing world class service

educating ourselves in order to educate our clients

promoting the health and fitness through the CycleSport lifestyle

doing things better

celebrating diversity

continuously looking for ways to improve the things we do






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